Homage paid to potato statue


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20 March 2023
Cypriot village has an unusual attraction that brings in the tourists ...

WHILE all those in the potato industry are keen to extol the virtues of potato varieties, be that in terms of nutrition or versatility, one village in Cyprus has taken this to a new level.

It is home to a 16-foot tall potato statue.

When officials in Xylofagou, a village in Cyprus, were trying to figure out what they could do to commemorate their most famous crop, they decided on a giant fibreglass potato on a stick.

The replica of the 'spunta' potato variety cost the village €8,000 ($9,300) to design, build, and install.

"Xylofagou has a long legacy of potato growing and used to be the main potato grower in Cyprus. This helped the village grow into the 10,000-strong community it is today," community leader George Tasou told the Cyprus Mail. 

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He said the village wanted the potato to become a point of reference in the community and the jokes and social media posts that have followed its arrival have achieved exactly what they intended - the message has spread and tourists visit to be photographed with the potato.

The Big Potato has also been decorated with festive decorations in the run-up to Christmas time to entice more visitors to the area, being treated as an alternative Christmas tree at the entrance of Xylofagou.

Not a day passes without visitors and local restaurant owners have said it has helped boost their business.

Sources: Cyprus Mail / Food & Drink
Photo: Cyprus Mail