Farm-to-fork education


19 May 2023
Children’s programme run by a UK agricultural society are helping children value potato production and those working in the sector. We detail the latest school event and how to get involved.

FAMILY growing business Burgess Farms has collaborated with registered charity, the East of England Agricultural Society, to educate primary school children about the growth and supply of potatoes.

Burgess Farms specialises in potato crops, supplying both premium heritage varieties and new varieties from Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, as well as conventional roots from Isleham, and organic roots from Yaxley.

It teamed up with the agricultural society's Kids Country initiative to hold a 'farm-to-fork' event which was hands-on and included a talk about all of the people involved in the potato supply chain, the potato plant and its growing stages, as well as potato nutrition and healthy eating.

The event was led by Kids Country Education Manager Sandra Lauridsen and Burgess Farms' Agronomy Manager Caroline Williams for 30 children at Great Casterton Primary School.

Teacher Sally Gooding said the event formed part of a ‘People Who Help Us’ school topic.

"The farmers taught us all about the growing process of the potato, they even checked up on some potatoes we are growing,” she said.

The Kids Country and Burgess Farms team talked the Key Stage 1 children through all aspects including growing, agronomy, tractor driving, spraying, packing, forklift driving, factory, distribution, sale and consumption.

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Sandra said: “It is great to get into schools and not only talk children through the incredible field-to-fork journey of the humble potato, but also to get children excited about all the different jobs involved. Who knows, this may inspire future farmers and distribution experts – and if we can get children enthused about growing food and making good nutritional decisions, then that’s a job well done.”

She said it was important to encourage children at a young age to get better connected with the food grown in the UK, not only to help them make good food choices as they grow up, but to understand the value of British food growers. 

Kids Country is supported by a range of corporate sponsors and volunteers, local growers and food producers, and individual volunteers. 

If you would like your workplace or school to be involved in any way, or to volunteer as an individual click here.  

To keep up to date with upcoming Kids Country events, click here.