Extended training opportunities


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18 August 2021
Extended training opportunities

INVESTMENT in a new training facility which will offer agricultural-based training courses has been made in the North East of Scotland.
Based in Laurencekirk, Ringlink Services has been delivering training for more than 25 years to an extremely diverse customer base throughout Scotland and the wider UK.

The organisation says training remains one of the most crucial elements in maintaining not only the health & safety and welfare of the workforce but also the catalyst to encourage and promote the new skills required to support industry and growth within the economy and, given the delicate economic position currently faced by the agricultural industry, the requirement to train and develop the workforce has seldom been as important.

It has just announced the purchase of a new site in Laurencekirk which will operate in tandem with an existing facility, offering greater capacity and diversity of training to meet increasing demand.

Training Manager Peter Wood said: “The new facility will host a more extensive range of courses which will include agriculturally-related training together with construction-based training.”

Ringlink is investing in a simulator which will be designed for both agricultural and construction training.

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The facility will also be accessible for schools and colleges to give students the opportunity to get a ‘taster’ of career opportunities available.

Peter added: “As the agricultural sector looks to the future, there must be a greater focus on continuous learning so that businesses not only survive, but thrive.”

The new centre is located just off the A90 between Dundee and Aberdeen, with a mainline train station and targeted at businesses and trainees from the entire North East of Scotland and beyond.

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