Discover findings from farmer-led research


07 July 2022
Invitation extended to UK growers

UK GROWERS, advisors, and researchers are being invited to discover findings from farmer-led research in a series of events being held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Innovative Farmers network.

The benefits of predatory insects, trees, herbal leys and much more are set to be discussed during the roadshow, with workshops and farm walks led by farmers who have spearheaded the trials.

Now in its 10th year, Innovative Farmers is running these events to celebrate the success of more than 120 field labs that have placed farmers in the driving seat of agricultural research.

The network, run by the Soil Association and funded by The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund through the Duchy Future Farming Programme from the outset, enables farmers to investigate solutions to their own challenges, on their own farms.

Results from the last decade have shown that putting farmers at the centre of scientific trials like this bolsters research into sustainability and sparks positive change on farms, with the model garnering interest globally.

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Innovative Farmers manager Rebecca Swinn said: “These events are a great chance for everyone to get together and showcase the role that farmers are playing in vital research into more nature-friendly farming practices.

“In a decade we have catapulted the notion of farmer-led innovation into the mainstream in the UK, creating a true community of creative and determined farmers and researchers who are making positive change happen.

“We hope to see even more farmers inspiring each other and the rest of the farming industry at these events, as well as hearing more ideas for where we can take farmer-led innovation.”

The first event takes place tomorrow (Friday) and others are being held throughout July. For full details, see our events page.