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06 May 2022
Growers praised at launch of 10th Global Impacts Report

SUSTAINABLE farming organisation, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) has just released its 10th annual Global Impacts Report, showing the role LEAF Marque certified businesses are playing in delivering more sustainable, climate positive global farming and food systems.


Key highlights of the report include: 


  • 877 LEAF Marque certified businesses in 19 countries worldwide representing 310,537 ha of combinable crops, fruit and vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals  
  • Almost half (48%) of the UK’s fruit and vegetables are grown sustainably on LEAF Marque certified businesses 
  • 75% of LEAF Marque farms have one or more types of renewable energy generation and 44% use a carbon footprint tool
  • 73% of LEAF Marque businesses have a general policy to increase soil organic matter with 46% recording soil organic matter and 50% optimising carbon capture and sequestration
  • Almost half (49%) of LEAF Marque certified businesses carry out all eight aspects of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) best practice
  • LEAF Marque farms have an average habitat area of 15% and are working to enrich diversity in our habitats and species through in-field trees, maintaining and creating ponds and habitat banks
  • 87% of LEAF Marque certified businesses hosted a total of 2, 981 on and off farm events engaging 22, 156 visitors with more sustainable farming.


LEAF Marque certification offers a  framework to achieve more regenerative outcomes at farm level. For more than 30 years, LEAF has been developing and promoting Integrated Farm Management (IFM), driving continual improvement, by an interlinked, site specific, whole farm approach.


Underpinned by the sustainable farming principles of IFM, LEAF Marque certified growers are connecting people with more sustainable farming.


LEAF Marque Chairman Tom Green, , said: “LEAF recognises that the climate and ecosystem emergency is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and with the UK government committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% and global targets set by the UN at net zero carbon emissions by 2050, agriculture is under an intense spotlight.  Globally, farmers are increasingly adopting more sustainable, regenerative, and circular farming practices to protect and enhance depleted natural resources and ecosystems.


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LEAF Marque certification helps provide the leadership, advice and tools for farmers and growers to improve the sustainability of their operations and how this can be evidenced in a robust and independent way for consumers and brands.


"The growing reach and awareness of LEAF Marque both here in the UK and worldwide, is supporting the advancement of real and lasting change in food production.  I want to thank our many supply chain partners and LEAF Marque growers and congratulate them all for what they are achieving.  It is their commitment and leadership that enables us together, to continue to ‘raise the bar’ for the good of our planet and future generations.”


LEAF Chief Executive, Caroline Drummond, MBE, added:

“We are extremely proud of what our growers continue to achieve.  The impacts outlined in this report clearly show the positive improvements being made to the health of our soils and water sources, to biodiversity and landscape features, to driving the uptake of more renewable energy."


She stressed that LEAF Marque is grower-led.


LEAF’s Global Impacts Report 2022 can be downloaded here .