Decreasing volumes for Australian potato exports


06 October 2021
Decreasing volumes for Australian potato exports

AUSTRALIAN potato exporters have continued to supply international markets during for the first six months of 2021, all the while experiencing market and logistical disruptions.

Total potato export value has dropped 6% to AUD$22,420,507 and volumes are down 8% to 30,759 tonnes compared to the same period of 2020, according to a report in Fresh Plaza.

From January to June 2021, potato export volumes have fallen from 32,686 tonnes 2020 to 30,759 tonnes compared with the same time last year. Export value has also dropped from AUD$24,241,214 in 2020 to AUD$22,420,507 over the same period. This represents a 6% reduction in volume and an eight per cent reduction in value for the period.

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Export destinations
The main export destination for Australian potatoes is South Korea, followed by the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. South Korean imports have continued to grow in the first six months of 2021, with trade increasing 26% in volume to 16,513 tonnes and increase 24% in value to AUD$9,642,314.

Export outlook
While demand for Australian potatoes continues to grow in a range of export markets, COVID-19 disruptions are impacting potato exporters. Growers continue to face challenges with increases in freight costs, reduced freight capacity, inconsistent sailing schedules and difficulties in securing containers.

Source: and Fresh Plaza

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