Complex potato genome unveiled


09 January 2020
Complex potato genome unveiled

SCIENTISTS from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Solynta, the inventor of Hybrid potato breeding, have published what they consider to be the most complete genome (the genetic material of an organism) sequence for potatoes to date.


Solynta has been making the first crosses since 2006. Making these homozygous inbred lines took 15 years. The process involved multiple rounds of crosses and in-breeding. All crosses were made by hand with no laboratory step involved. Sequencing and assembling took half a year.

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A unique aspect is that both sequence and plant material are made available for research (under specific conditions). This may in the future result in a potato that is more resistant to heat or drought or has a greater resistance to diseases.

*For full details and scientists' feedback see the January edition of Potato Review.