Collaboration aims to boost rural economy


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16 September 2021
Collaboration aims to boost rural economy

THE University of Edinburgh’s Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security and Trinity Agtech are working together on a scientific partnership which will support growers in achieving greater profitability and environmental progress. 

Professor Geoff Simm, Director of the Academy and the University’s Chair of Global Agriculture and Food Security, has also joined Trinity AgTech’s Scientific Board. 

Launched in 2018, the academy is a multi-disciplinary hub for research and training into issues that affect sustainable rural development, food and environmental security, and the well-being of animals and people. Recognised internationally for its work, it aims to galvanise interdisciplinary research, training and translation – across the University and with partners - on key global challenges in food systems, environment and health.

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Geoff Simm said: “We’re in the middle of climate change, malnutrition and biodiversity crises with food, farming and land use at the heart of these. These issues are complicated and interconnected but through data-driven innovation – a priority theme for us in the University of Edinburgh - we can empower farmers to create real change.

“To enable this change, farmers need the right tools. The first generation of Ag-Tech products are only targeting a small aspect of the industry. Trinity AgTech’s software provides a more integrated approach across all enterprise types which will unlock value across the supply chain.”

Trinity AgTech’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Dr Hosein Khajeh-Hosseiny, believes the new partnership will help to boost the rural economy.

“Most of our farmers’ talent has been untapped and under-nurtured and that genie needs to be freed from the bottle. At Trinity AgTech we believe that it will be the genius of the many that will deliver farming a flourishing future and ensure we have vibrant rural communities. The Global Academy is a great example of the extraordinary practical scientific talent we have within our universities. Partnered with our software, based on the latest science, technology and proven methodologies, we can bring new levels of excellence in how farmers achieve their own profitability and sustainability goals at farm, field and product level.”

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