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08 December 2022
Harvester finds a better flow in response to demand for potato-handling improvements.

SINCE 2016, the current generation of Dewulf's four-row Kwatro Xtreme has been known for, among other things, its constriction-free sieving path and having the largest bunker in its market segment.


The harvester, available for growers who plant in four x 90 cm, four x 34 inch, four x 36 inch rows or 180cm beds, has, until now, been produced with a straight hedgehog unit, immediately followed by a single Flexyclean cleaning unit. This is now changing, as market demand for alternative cleaning options has proved to be high.


Dewulf decided to add an extra dimension to the Kwatro Xtreme. More specifically, the focus of this development was the product flow inside the machine, which no longer has a hedgehog unit yet still offers sufficient cleaning options.


The two sieving conveyors and a third, short sieving conveyor are immediately followed by the cleaning module. Because there is no integrated hedgehog unit, there is no change in direction of the potato flow. Thus, Dewulf designed two additional variants under the name Kwatro Xtreme Flow, in which the straight hedgehog unit has been replaced with a new module.


The redesigned, double Easyclean module consists of seven (four plus three) active smooth cleaning rollers alternated with nine Easyclean rollers. To perform its work as precisely and delicately as possible, the Easyclean module is divided into two groups of linked, active smooth cleaning rollers, the first having four and the second three. This allows users to control the speed, height, opening and direction of rotation of both groups of drive rollers separately. Moreover, the speed of the Easyclean rollers can also be easily controlled from the cabin.


In addition, the degree of cleaning can be precisely set by adjusting the inclination of the module between zero and 12 degrees. This solution is tailor-made for dry conditions with clods, for example.

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Combination of axial and Easyclean modules

The second variant consists of a combination of 36 axial rollers and an Easyclean unit. The speed of the axial rollers is adjustable and, together with the inclination of the Easyclean unit, adjustable between 0 and 12 degrees. In turn, the Easyclean module is fitted with two active smooth-cleaning rollers alternated with three Easyclean rollers. Analogous to the first innovative module, here too the speed, height, opening and direction of rotation of the drive rollers, as well as

the speed of the Easyclean rollers, can be adjusted from the cabin to accommodate the conditions.


This solution is suitable for customers who harvest in relatively wet conditions.


The celebrated aspects of the Kwatro and Kwatro Xtreme have not been changed. The familiar front harvesting ensures that potato ridges remain undamaged. It harvests at four x 90cm with no constrictions in the sieving path, according to the manufacturer.


It has 11-tonne bunker capacity. To perform well in wet conditions, Dewulf relies on the Claas 900 mm wide crawler track system combined with a single rear wheel. This steered wheel also provides unprecedented manoeuvrability and low maximum ground pressure of 1.4 kg/cm². As the traction can be adjusted per track/wheel, it is almost always possible to harvest, even in the worst conditions and types of weather, Dewulf states.