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16 June 2022
Innovative Farmers celebrates milestone

OVER the last decade, the Innovative Farmers group has launched more than 120 field labs and awarded more than £450,000 in grants to groups of growers and farmers, supporting them to research issues that matter to them. 

A celebratory event to mark the 10-year anniversary is to be held on July 19th when some of the farmers involved, who have teamed-up to co-design research and are pioneering farming and farmer-led approaches, will share their experiences.

Those who attend will have an opportunity to get involved with various demonstrations or join a discussion on a range of topics from herbal leys and herd health to intercropping and silvopasture.

Innovative Farmers is a not-for-profit network giving farmers research support and funding on their own terms. Through trialling, testing and hands-on research, the group is focussed on helping farmers find lasting solutions to practical problems. 
The network is part of the Duchy Future Farming Programme, funded by the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund. Innovative Farmers is backed by a team from LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), Innovation for Agriculture, the Organic Research Centre and led by the Soil Association, supported by Waitrose. This project is also sponsored by AHDB.

Growers across the UK have contributed to the Innovative Farmers project by pursuing ecological innovation on their farms and many hours' research has been put in by the agricultural research community over the past decade. 

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When the project began, the field lab concept was not well understood but trial results have helped to bring recognition and support for research and the group says it is hoping to provide more support to growers throughout 2022 and beyond.

Much of its work with potato crops has been shared by Potato Review, and growers are always encouraged to get involved and share insights.

The celebratory event will be held at Trefranck Farm, Saint Clether, Launceston, PL15 8QN.

To register, click here.

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