40% still wary of dining out in UK


31 May 2022
'Foodservice providers need to be digi-savvy during jubilee celebrations'

UK foodservice providers still need to be digitally ready for Platinum Jubilee to combat dining out concerns from consumers, according to data and analytics company GlobalData.

Ramsey Baghdadi, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, said: “Even with the anticipated footfall during the Platinum Jubilee weekend, foodservice providers must also acknowledge continued high demand of online orders. According to a GlobalData survey, 40%* of UK consumers are still extremely or quite concerned about dining out due to the COVID-19 risk. It is therefore vital that foodservice providers optimise digital channels through price promotions and efficient delivery."

He added: “Eventually, we will see more people eating out again but the rate of recovery will be dependent on how brands respond to three fundamental consumer needs: convenience, safety and affordability. UK brands have been recovering after months of lockdowns and financial uncertainty. Affordable pricing resulted in McDonald’s and Burger King earning 45% and 44% more, respectively, compared to 2020. Therefore, GlobalData forecasts that in the current financial environment and global political turmoil, consumers will opt for cheaper out-of-home menus which will result in an overall increase in QSR of 21% in the period 2022-23.”

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In March 2020, when the Government announced the closure of hospitality businesses to limit the spread of coronavirus, piles of potatoes remained housed in warehouses across the UK, and across the EU, producers expected to lose almost £400m worth of potatoes, the Economist reported at the time.

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