'The future of plant breeding'


Wednesday 12 October 2022 - Monday 12 September 2022

Knowledge exchange event.

Plant Breeding Fit for the Future is being hosted by the Soil Association and agri-tech innovation centre, Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) on October 12 at Aston University.

Delegates will join plant breeding and other agricultural industry experts to discuss and debate priorities and collaboration opportunities, as well as share resources, to ensure UK breeding programmes meet the needs and challenges of the 21st Century. 

The event will feature a wide range of perspectives with engaging presentations from industry experts such as Professor Tim Benton of Chatham House, Tom MacMillan from the Royal Agricultural University and Paul Gosling of AHDB.

Afternoon break-out sessions will provide an opportunity for delegates to engage in discussion on topics such as traits to support resilience, business models for the 21st Century, achieving tailored varieties with limited resources, and the role of populations vs varieties.


Plant Breeding Fit For the Future

Wednesday October 12, 0900-1700

Conference Aston, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Tickets £30 per person including lunch