Editors Diary Jan 2018

Results of Syngenta desiccation trials have shown that new 90% drift reduction technology nozzles can deliver effective green leaf removal, opening windows for haulm destruction in difficult conditions. The work, applying Reglone to a crop of Desirée at Russell Smith Farms near Cambridge, also revealed the importance of using a water volume of at least 200 litres/ha for the initial application – achieving 30% better leaf removal compared to  treatments using 100 litres.

Using drone photography and image analysis, application specialist James Thomas (pictured above) was also able to demonstrate that angled Syngenta Potato Nozzles could give in up to 50% less green leaf 14 days after application when compared to vertical flat fans.

‘New digital imaging enables a better picture of results and genuine comparative data on crop health,’ he told Potato Review. ‘The trial has reiterated that using the angled Syngenta Potato Nozzle to apply Reglone at 200 litres/ha will give excellent results for opening up the crop canopy. However, if conditions are not ideal, we now have the confidence that new 90% drift reduction nozzles will give far greater flexibility to achieve good leaf coverage for efficient desiccation.’

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